The 10 Best Communication Tools For Remote Teams In 2022

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remote collaboration tools

Basecamp’s user-friendly interface is well-suited for collaborative projects or simply as a gathering place for people to come together. Forest has a news section, an achievement log, a screen time counter, & an online store, among other cool features. Gather is ideal for small to mid-sized teams that want to connect & collaborate in a virtual space together.

Asana Boosts User Engagement By Integrating With Slack

If you’re not a fan of sending or listening to voice messages, there’s another tool that can help you communicate asynchronously. Not all meetings need to be synchronous, so this is when collaboration tools that can facilitate a fully asynchronous discussion become necessary. Google Meet, Skype, and of course, Zoom are the most popular tools for video conferences and can be used with other collaboration tools, such as a digital whiteboard. There’s no right or wrong way to use asynchronous or synchronous collaboration tools. In the above example, it’s efficient to combine both asynchronous discussion (ie. using Google Doc) and synchronous discussion (ie. Zoom call). When it’s time to jump in a call, you can go over fully-formed ideas and even decide on the next steps, since you’ve already taken the time to brainstorm asynchronously. Google Docs has a lot of features that focus on the revision process that many teams go through in order to put out superb content.

Webex is here when the world needs to connect, communicate, and collaborate. Meet, create, and communicate all in one platform designed to fit the way you work. is the most advanced end-to-end document solution for teams. Ayoa is the first all-in-one tool for idea generation, collaboration and task management.

Digital Whiteboard

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remote collaboration tools

Compt helps you offer personalized perks to your employees, no matter where they are based. The entire company is remote as well, and they have one of the most comprehensivehandbookson how to work remotely you will find. At Friday, we are big fans and have contributed to it inthe past. If you enjoy listening to music when working, make sure to check outSpotify.

Tool 11: Google Chat

For a variety of reasons, men tend to speak more than women in mixed gender settings, and women are more likely to be interrupted by people of any gender than men are. remote collaboration Removing the real-time group dynamic of a meeting from a collaboration session by making it asynchronous eliminates a lot of the «who’s talking more» problem.

  • By allowing attendees to focus more on the main subject of the call and not worry about taking notes or transcribing ideas.
  • Production & Manufacturing Planning Visually manage your supply chain and streamline all your internal processes.
  • It allows users to create, edit, share, & store documents that are accessible to all team members.
  • Get a clear idea of the work on hand and keep everyone on the same page.
  • It keeps your files organized and allows easy updates when needed. lets remote teams stay productive with easy video collaboration. Teams just have to create a room link, share the link by email or chat and that’s it.

Best Collaboration Tools For Remote Teams

You can record any conversation with a full-length video throughout remote meetings. This is especially true when you’re relying on technology to conduct your work — technology that you’re probably not fully used to yet. Flock is another application very similar to Slack but is arguably a little less daunting to use and offers more comprehensive communication tools.

  • Real-time collaboration is an essential part of the design process.
  • NTask is one of the best project management software if you need a proper tool that is structured to take care of your remote teams collaboration.
  • Try out Tettra if you’re seeking a straightforward way to communicate with your team or share company-wide expertise.
  • ZipBoard’s embedded markup tools accelerates digital development for agencies, clients, SME’s.

Overall, Microsoft 365 doesn’t simply offer a great office suite, but one that is also firmly designed for collaboration and sharing with teams. Teams can host virtual rooms for groups that need to work remotely, providing them with a place that brings communication and collaboration together. HubSpot’s meeting scheduling tool provides you with a personalized booking link you can use to invite people to view your availability and book meetings with you. This saves the time that you would normally spend emailing your contacts, back and forth, to find a time and day that’s suitable for anyone. It allows people to jump into video meetings from anywhere in the world.

Use Case: Discussing A Customer Presentation

With a 4.9 out of 5 rating on G2 Crowd, a 4.5 out of 5 rating on Capterra, and an 8.9 out of 10 rating on TrustRadius, the tool is light-years ahead of the competition. “We love using Zoom for our company all-hands meetings,” shared Leah Knobler, who manages people ops at Help Scout. From whiteboarding to critiques, distributed design teams must be able to collaborate in real-time—something they can’t do without the aid of technology. Formstack’s workplace productivity platform helps over 25,000+ organizations digitize what matters, automate workflows, and fix processes—all without code. Smaller to medium sized teams who want to really connect and collaborate in a virtual space together.

It helps to alleviate the stress of remote team members that need to get a visa or renew a passport. This is even more useful considering travel is still not as flexible as it once was.

Complementary Methods For Remote Collaboration

Range is especially great for remote teams because its features actually help foster strong team culture. As part of a Check-in, you can answer an icebreaker question and share how you’re feeling with an emoji and a green/yellow/red mood indicator. By combining culture with work updates, Range helps remote teams build a foundation of trust and psychological safety, making work more fun and productive. Fyle is a cloud-based expense management software that takes care of the mundane, repetitive tasks so that employees can focus on tasks that matter more. With Fyle, expense reporting tasks that traditionally take hours are drastically reduced. Employees and the accounting and finance team can access and view their business expenses under one dashboard. This is a great remote work asset, as it gives management a great bird’s eye view of financial operations.

remote collaboration tools

I really like that it has a time tracking feature, so I don’t have to download a separate app for it. Users can collaborate on documents & track project updates & inventory. Plus, with its range of templates, teams can easily schedule meetings that best fits their agenda.

Best Remote Collaboration & Working Tools

Managers can use Connecteam to assign tasks & set team reminders. Plus, they can create digital documents like checklists, handbooks, & ready-to-sign forms to keep everyone in the loop. Additionally, team members can easily share files such as photos, videos, training manuals, & policies. The platform supports the philosophy of open communication to encourage teams to listen & learn how to work & communicate more effectively.